1877 - 1915 Abruzzo in the paintings of Scandinavian Artists

Civita d’Antino and Zahrtmann's School.



7. – 31. July 2009

Maison des Arts – Fondazione Pescarabruzzo Umberto I, 83

Pescara - Italy

The Foundation Pescarabruzzo and the cultural association Culture Tracks organize from the  4th until the 31st of  July 2009, at the exhibition hall of the Foundation - Maison des Arts in Umberto I, n. 83 in Pescara - an art exhibition entitled: "THE LONG JOURNEY FROM THE NORTH" - from 1877 to 1915 - Abruzzo in the paintings of  Scandinavian artists - Civita d'Antino and the Zahrtmann's School.

The exhibition brings together 30 works, all of private collectors, to recount the extraordinary story of the colony of Scandinavian artists that for over thirty years, between the end of '800 and the early '900, attended Abruzzo and the village of Civita d'Antino.

Artists of northern Europe, led by a charismatic character, the painter Kristian Zahrtmann who, in 1883, had discovered this village in Abruzzo, a village perched on a plateau at the center of Valle Roveto.

Enchanted by the landscape with mountains surrounded by beech, from the healthy air and especially by the goodness of its inhabitants, Zahrtmann  started there his summer art school. 

The earthquake that struck the Marsicain area in 1915, and the death of the master Zahrtmann in 1917, ended this long creative season.

The works, including paintings by Peter Hansen, GF Clement, K. Zahrtmann, A. S. Danneskjold-Samsoe, K. Sinding and others, evoke images, places and people who testify as our land has been a great source of inspiration and this exhibition wants to testify that it is also today. In the exhibition there is also a painting of the Swedish artist Anders Trulson, who died in 1911 in Civita d'Antino and is burried in the old cemetery of the village.

The exhibition includes also paintings by two contemporary Danish artists: Kirsten Murhart and Helle Fibiger.

The exhibition, whose inauguration is scheduled for 18:00 Saturday, July 4, will open with an introductory lecture at the conference hall of the Foundation Pescarabruzzo (ground floor) and it will be accompanied by the projection of the documentary-video "Zahrtmann's School in Civita d'Antino" by the arch. Piero Moscone.

At the conference: Prof. Nicola Mattoscio (President of the Foundation Pescarabruzzo); Avv. Luigi Arbore Mascia (Mayor of Pescara), Dr. Katia Di Simone (President of Culture Tracks), Dr. Antonio Bini (Expert of the history of Danish artists in Abruzzo).

The exhibition will remain open until 31 July 2009 - with the following hours 18:00 to 20:00 from Tuesday to Saturday. Free admission.

For more information: tel. +39 347.7906812 - +39 338.1238720

Fondazione Pescarabruzzo  Tel. +39 085.4219109 - Fax +39 085.4219380



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